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Notes (to be taken with a grain of salt)


Fields Institute Wintersemesteries
In January-June 2022, I was at the Fields Institute in Toronto for the thematic semester on tame geometry and transseries. Some math happened there, a small part of which exists as notes here.
Some notes for Kobi Peterzil's module: Complex Analysis in o-minimal structures (pdf)
Some notes for Lou vdDries' lectures: Model theory of Hardy fields (pdf)
Some notes regarding two (small) Liouville-closed Hardy fields (pdf)
Some notes involving Hardy fields and models of (pdf)


Cuts in ordered fields
How to construct simple extensions of ordered fields using cuts à la Dedekind + some folklore results about Cauchy-complete ordered fields.


Valued fields and the Newton polygon method (fr)
Thesis for an intership with Mickaël Matusinski on valued fields, based on the first chapters of The Big Book.


Euclide dans un tore (fr)
TIPE project: some Euclidean geometry and isometry groups for planar tori + some Caml routine in order to compute certain isometry groups.


Non-standard gap (pdf)
A game in which non-standard beings seldom lose.

Why I write such long articles

Shannon entropy for non-Shannonentropists (fr)
Brief survey of Claude E. Shannon's 1948 article A mathematical theory of communication.

Some material for the agrégation de mathématiques (fr)
(UnFrench person, don't bother)