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For students and colleagues

I am in the office 409 with Michele Serra. +49 (0) 7531.88-25 85

I am often available if you have questions. However, should the matter require some time, please contact me by email in order to make an appointment.

It is possible to schedule online Zoom meetings. Meeting link. Meeting ID: 298 893 4407.

I am also available at this link when I am doing home office.

Fachseminar in Algebra and Logic

Together with Lasse Vogel and Salma Kuhlmann, I am organising the Fachseminar in algebra and logic in WinSe 2022. The official page for the seminar is hosted on Lasse's homepage. Here, you can find some notes related to certain sessions.

10/24 - Vorbesprechung

List of proposed topics for the seminar.

More detailed proposals on Hausdorff fields, on Hardy fields.

11/02 - Introduction to first-order logic I

With emphasis on definability and o-minimality.

Script: .tm.pdf

11/09 - Introduction to first-order logic II

11/16 - The monotonicity theorem

11/23 - Talk no 1

Julian Weigert - O-minimal ordered groups


11/30 - Talk no 2

David Kattermann - Classes of group rings


12/07 - No seminar

12/14 - Talk no 3

Jannike Berger - Hardy fields


12/21 - Talk no 4

Shaun Dean - Hausdorff fields


Christmas holidays

01/11 - No seminar

01/18 - Talk no 5

Salisha Baiz - Existenz von Bewertungsbasen


01/25 - Talk no 6

Elke Neuhaus - O-minimal ordered groups


02/01 - Orderability of free groups


Here are mathematical sounds that I like. Speak them and I might start talking about them:

Hardy fields / o-minimality / Hahn series / ordered groups / valuation theory / transseries / surreal numbers / integer parts / ordinal numbers / ordered fields / categorical logic

If you interested in writing a Somethingarbeit about one of these themes, I may be able to offer some advice.